Welcome to MISSFIT, a women’s only weightlifting gym designed to cultivate a supportive and empowering environment for women to achieve their fitness goals. The gym is characterized by its commitment to creating a space where women of all fitness levels feel comfortable, motivated, and empowered.


MISSFIT is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The gym is designed to be a judgment-free zone where women can focus on their heavyweight workouts without any concerns about intimidation or judgment.


MISSFIT fosters a sense of community among its members. Regular group classes, workshops, and social events provide opportunities for women to connect, share experiences, and motivate each other on their fitness journeys.


MISSFIT provides educational resources on nutrition, proper form, and overall well-being. We believe in empowering women not only through physical strength but also through knowledge that enhances their overall health and fitness journey. Knowledgeable and certified female trainers are available to provide expert guidance and support.


The main feature of MISSFIT is the community building app. Join today and you will be welcomed into a warm and welcoming community of strong, badass, women encouraging each other to get better! Share your workout stats, post workout pics, and chat with others like you. 


MISSFIT was my final senior capstone project, a project that reflects not only my Graphic Design skills, but my personal passions and the things that mean the most to me. Throughout my college journey I became obsessed with bodybuilding and the community that surrounds it, I knew I needed to reflect that part of myself in the most important project of my college career. 

While searching for a topic for this project, my professor had us create a values pyramid from a list of 30 values, from that list fitness was #1 on my pyramid alongside passion and fun. A memorable ‘why’ statement I wrote was:

“I would like my project to motivate others like me. Growing up I thought all fitness

was bad and I had 0 interest in it, it was because I didn’t have anyone around me

to push me towards it and to motivate me to try it. I want to motivate people to

exercise and take control of their health, I was able to reverse my asthma once I

got my weight and health under control. You never know whose life you will change with it, I was very un-athletic growing up and back then I never imagined myself enjoying it so much”