Based on his first official studio album, Ugly is Beautiful, I designed a tour poster for non other than Oliver Tree. Hit songs you may know include, Life Goes On, Let Me Down, and Miss You. This poster is specifically designed with the song 1993 in mind, a song about picking yourself after every fall and never stopping until you achieve what you want.


This color palette not only features hit colors from the 80’s bleeding into the 90’s, but it also features the gradient motif. The combination of these along with the fonts I chose for the final poster bring together a nostalgic vibe from the early 90’s.


I chose the album Ugly is Beautiful by Oliver Tree to design. While designing this poster, I was able to be a lot more fun and creative than in other works. The album itself is very upbeat and has a 90s alternative sound to it, with themes of pop intermixed. I focused on the song 1993 because of the quick tempo and upbeat music aspects it features. The bright colours also represent the themes of the early 90s which bled in from the 80s. I went with an illustrated look to really solidify the 90s poster theme. Weezer, Gorillaz, and Radiohead were all bands I researched to gather more information for the poster. Oliver Tree stated in an interview those were some of the most influential bands to his music and the posters these bands had were primarily illustrated.